Ability to Republish Posts to Top of Blog/RSS, but Keep Same URL

I have an idea for a plugin that I'd love to suggest and get feedback about. My desire for this functionality arises from a specific situation, but I actually think it would be valuable for anyone who teaches the same content regularly. (I'll write more about that at the end of the post.)

I run a website that publishes content daily for a popular, calendar-based Bible reading plan: (https://freedailybiblestudy.com/). So, each year, the readings are the same for each day of the year.

I would like the ability to republish every post that I am writing this year on their respective date next year for a couple of reasons:

1) I will likely have new subscribers who already use the reading plan, and I want to make it easy for them to access each day's content without having to search through my site or something.

2) I also record each day's post as a podcast, and I'd like to automatically re-use all that content for new people who prefer to listen to podcasts rather than to read the text.

But, I don't want the URLs to change. I don't even want to create new posts—largely so that I won't have to do redirects with SEO, and so that all my social shares will continue to accumulate each year rather than starting over.

I simply want those posts to appear again at the top of my blog, automatically, according to a schedule I set (or, it would be great if there were a feature to automatically re-publish those one year after original publication). If the publication date on the post needs to change, that would be fine, but the main thing is to keep my URLs the same.

As I mentioned earlier, I think this would be valuable for anyone who teaches the same content regularly. Teachers of any subject could reschedule content to appear on their blog according to the new dates for the next year/quarter/semester/period, and then their students could read that content by finding it easily at the top of the blog section of the website, through an RSS reader, or even listen to lectures via a podcast that automatically published at the appropriate time. For simple, short classes without much reading, that probably would be overkill, but for longer courses with lots and lots of resources, this would be an ideal way to organize, publish, and republish material.

I look forward to your feedback—thanks in advance. It would be a dream come true if this functionality could be available before the beginning of 2016. :slight_smile: