Abort clone-master and then clone


Hi! Could you abort a clone I am performing?

Didn't work out so well and it seems to be stuck.


The thing is I want an exact copy of showercurtainsemporium.com at the domain showercurtains.eu

But it never works. I have already talked to support and it hasn't helped. the clone-master will not do it exact.

the problem has been 1) that it isn't an exact copy. I still have to fix menus and many other parts. 2) that I am not sure how to get it to set to the primary. It keep going back to showercurtains.wpmudev.host instead of showercurtains.eu

So can yo help me make an exact clone of showercurtainsemporium.com to showercurtains.eu? And make showercurtains.eu primary without that other name popping up? showercurtains.mpudev.host bla bla :slight_smile:

Thank you!