About a year ago, I was having a problem with MP, which

About a year ago, I was having a problem with MP, which I reported here https://premium.wpmudev.org/forums/topic/order-information-not-recording-in-mp

MP is losing orders, they are going through to PayPal and getting processed, but never making it back permanently into the database. Besed on Aaron's guidance in the linked thread above, I worked out a system with my seller who attempts to email me as fast as possible when it happens so that I can try to get into the options table before the 12-hour time limit expires to dig out the raw data - this is less than ideal in running an e-commerce site.

The problem has never been resolved and recently, we've been getting about one out of five orders of these a week. And it seems that even though I'm checking the options table within the 12-hour limit, the last 4 times it has happened the transients aren't there either, meaning the order is completely lost. The seller then has to go about contacting the customer manually for thier order and details, along with giving profuse apologies.

Has anyone else reported lost orders in MP, or am I the only one? I ask because I'm to the point of telling the seller he is better off moving to another server altogether to get away from my system. If there is no support record around here of people reporting lost order, then I need to be honest with my seller and let him know that the issue may be my server and that his site may be encountering conflicts with the large multisite it is part of. I want him to succeed, but I feel like I'm failing him in this.