about bbpress integration on buddypress sites

Hi there.

The bbpress install which comes with buddypress... sucks a little.

Is there a simple way to :

- Have the nice forum list "post in" in a stadard buddypress install, or is there a plugin/widget to do so ? keeping the actual buddypress theme ?

The only way for now is to set up the widget "group list" and that sucks. No related tags, etc...
Moreover, the global forum layout sucks to in buddypress.

Or is it necessary to disable the bbpress and perform a standalone bbpress install and (Oh my god...) integrate it with the main site ? In that case will the bbpress keep the theme ?
In taht case how about group auto subscribe, login integration, etc...

well... desopointed a little about that.

  • Mason
    • DEV MAN’s Sidekick

    You're right, bbpress and buddypress integration is not in the best state right now. According to the developers they are actually going to separate them again. As early as this week (but probably not) bbpress is to be released as a WordPress plugin (much like BuddyPress) the two will still integrate (hopefully more smoothly) but the installs will be totally separate.

    I'd recommend waiting for these updates to do an install with this configuration myself. I haven't done a manual integration of bbpress with WordPress in ages. I think we have something here in the forums on it though from way back "in the day". Anyone else remember how this was done or can point to a guide?


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