about mp-blog-register. Quick hack please


This plugin is STILL necessary.

Can someone help me to "rehook" it for 3.1 please, to have the menus in right place ?

//declare hooks
add_action( 'login_form_register', 'mp_br_register_page' );
add_action( 'network_admin_menu', 'mp_br_add_admin_menu' ); //site admin menu
add_action( 'user_admin_menu', 'mp_br_add_admin_menu' ); //user admin menu

Tried network_admin_menu and user_admin_menu but does not work

though the plugin still works



    Per blog registration is still a mess in WP, and reall need this one updated please.


    This is just good since not all sites need registration, and activate it on a per site basis is just excellent.

    It works fine.

    BUT the option menu does not appear anywhere. Not really a problem, but midifying the default role can be important.

    Other thing, since it works in mu plugin, the option "allow anyone to subscribe" does not work well. If deactivated on a site, registration is still possible.



    please guys...

    Have a look on this one, just transform it on a single plugin per site activable... This is essential !!!!

    As I said, it works fine on per site activation basis.. But no option menu appears.


    Hi Aphrodite and Aaron

    I am seeking a plugin that allows visitors to selectively register as users on multiple blogs on a single multi-site installation (on a per blog basis) using the same profile info / email each time and ideally without the need to re-enter that information each time, so the site would need to recognise them as already registered on the network.

    Aaron, does your (mp-blog-register) plugin handle this? I could not find a link to an overview description of what this plugin does anywhere on premium.wpmudev or UglyRobot. Please can you provide some more information please?

    Also, Aphrodite has a post about using the Add Users Sidebar Widget on wpmu-blogs.net in combination (i think) with mp-blog-register plugin, but i am unclear about the difference between both plugins and whether i need them both or not.

    Any information to enlighten me would be much appreciated.


    the plugin add Users Sidebar Widget just allow to already registered members to subscribe to a blog. It does not allow registration, which is done by mp blog register.

    The ideal thig would be to merge the both, wich is definitly out of my competence....


    Thank you for your prompt response Aphrodite. I will try installing mp blog register first then followed by add user and see what happens. i at least have the luxury of being in test mode curerntly with no real users so no harm done if it does not work out : )



    Well, will insist on this one. The per site subscibtion deactivation does not work properly.

    And strangely, I have one site (only this one !!!) on which I have thousands of spam subscibtion.

    There is something wrong somewhere please help



    Well, I really dont understand why this ESSENTIAL plugin is just leaved in the abbyssal deep of WP plugins

    In fact, for the moment it "works" but too much... the per site option is not deactivable, and a great addition to this would be a subscibtion moderation/manual validation to avoid spam registrations, and an email validation.

    Per site registration is still a mess under WP multisite and really dont understand why.

    There is a plugin partially solving that "private-wordpress-access-control-manager" that adds a hidden field on the main site registration that adds the user automatically if the registration come from the considered site. But this is not an option.

    Lets keep things simple and user friendly, whitout turning them on the whole wp network, and keep sites independants !

    Aaron, well, a little effort please !


    Hello everyone!

    I'm a owner of a network of sites (WP Mutisite) and this is an absolutely critical feature to offer to my clients. I want the blog owners of my network to let new users register to their blog'sv user list.

    How can a plugin become part of the WPMUDEV library? This is huge!


    Happy to see i am not alone.

    Critical. The word is given.

    And critical too to open signups or subscribtion to a site as mentioned here too :


    WP seems to consider very user friendly to redirect any user on a portal that does not have any kind of relation with the concerned site, and would like us to teach them "well, go on portal, register" and then ? nothing. Impossible to subscibe simply on a site.

    This is just crazy !


    unfortunately this is not possible. Multisite registration works as networ, for security and simple password issue.

    A user can NOT be registered twice, this is just impossible.

    The way is this plugin, coupled with another one mentioned on my thread.

    The user perhaps even does NOT know he is already registered on the network.

    The only way to check that is his mail adress.

    So first must check if user exists, then tell him "you are already registered on this network with this username : username. Please connect and clic here to subscribe to this blog.

    Then we should moderate subscription.

    MOreover the registration must be full, as wp-signup does, if not as experienced with this plugin, spam subsciptions are thousands...


    Well it does not work well.

    The registration functin still works, but it is no more possible to deactivate it site by site unfortunately.

    thanks for supporting me in this battlle ^^

    Hoping this plugin will be considered as strategical and updated. But its an aaron personnal one, not a wpmudev one so....


    Egg on my face.... I'm not sure how I missed this. Of course this seems like such a no brain-er that you can "register" to a subsite normally. Can someone please give me the latest info on how they are achieving a simple "subsite" registration without sending users to wp-signup. I'm using wp3.3

    3.3 was a pretty significant update and these posts are getting "long in the tooth"


    Hi wecreateyou.
    The new updates on the Membership plugin are giving me what I wanted to do: User registration on subsites with automatic registration on main site. Membership by-passes wp-signup with its own registration page. You can add your own verbiage to the sign up - free or paid subscriptions with automatic renewals. Users can login to subsites OR to the main site with same name and password. It's pretty slick.

    Hope this helps.
    Chuck S.

    Tevya Washburn

    Unfortunately @Lorange that plugin doesn't quite do what some of us want it to: we won't want to offer every new registrant a blog. We want people to go to a registration page that's specific to that site/blog and only gives them an account on that site/blog. Technically they have one for the whole Multisite, but they're only a user on that specific site/blog and only show in the users there and in the master list of users for the entire Multisite. This plugin looks like it comes close, but not quite what we want.

    @Aaron's plugin worked fine, but I can't find anything further about active development on it. That's one reason to join WPMU Dev, is because it's got guaranteed updates and active development of it's plugins. Would really appreciate it if they'd just make his an official plugin and update and support it.