about multisite and stats

there have been a few threads about this but nothing conclusive.

the point is what stats tool to offer our users? I’ll list a few with my personal opinion:

Google Analytics:

– requires user to sign up and get API key, too complicated for the casual blogger who just wants to see how many visitors he had and show these stats off to his visitors

– if you go this way, how do you tie it into your dashboard?

– how do you allow users to show off their stats on the front end?


– I had a problem with it which I related in this thread and a user seems to have come up with a solution: https://premium.wpmudev.org/forums/topic/found-a-pretty-bad-security-bug-with-firestats-need-some-testers-to-please-confirm-it#post-80887

– unfortunately firestats doesn’t have nice graphics but DB usage is nice and it is not processor intensive if you take the time to read the readme and properly set up its configuration

– does have a widget to show basic stats on the front end.

– would pick this if it had some graphics and the author would implement a few of my suggestions, i.e. you can delete stats only for one blog at a time… i.e. if you delete 100 spammers you need to manually delete their stats :slight_frown:


– looks nice at the first glance, but don’t let it fool you: if you use this plugin to set it up sitewide: wordpress.org/extend/plugins/wp-piwik it works flawless, but remember the users won’t have access to the piwik back end that you are so in love with, all they see are the stats the plugin offers them.

– haven’t seen a widget to show the stats on the front end either

– DB usage seems huge. Please check for yourself. read the FAQ, it seems there are roadmaps to have automatic archiving of old data. right now there isn’t

– can’t track a visitor’s action nicely across my site, or am I blind? I want to see his path and analyze his behavior

whats your take on this?

May I add that James said here: wordpress.org/extend/plugins/wp-piwik that there might be a stats plugin in the making… No news since…

And let me add my favorite stats plugin for wordpress, unfortunately never used it on multisite, but if this could be modded, I’D even pay for it: http://082net.com/2009/1003/wp-slimstat-ex-v2-1/#wp-slimstat-ex-v21-en it comes extendable with so called PINS kinda plugins and has some really hidden gems inside.

Fire away, let me hear your take on this.