About the Academy

Hi there :slight_smile: I’ve enrolled all of the courses so far. And I went through only one, from beginning to the end. And it is now marked “Incompleted” even though I got 5/5 stars feedback from Daniel (who I want to thank much because of the awesome videos and the awesome feedback. Thanks, Daniel!). So the whole thing feels a bit weird. Also there was a mention about certification? It really means something to us! :grinning:

And one more thing – I know the whole Academy idea is to run thorough a course with all the people at once, so you can get feedback and share ideas and so on. But once the course gets closed/completed, we can’t watch the videos again until the course is open once again. Why can’t we have the videos on-demand? I would love to see the multisite course as I’ve missed it. But I can’t now.

So :

1. Why a completed course with a feedback from the tutor is being marked “incompleted”?

2. Certification. Anyone?

3. Videos on-demand?

Oh, and one more thing – I am almost certain James said that the CoursePress Pro plugin is being revamped and we should see it soon. This was probably 4-5 months ago. Any news on this?

Thanks much!