About the buddypress sing up boxCustomizing links name, background colour, and singup elements.

Good morning!

I am trying to cutomize the sing up box of the studio theme (with budypress).

By now, the only option i´ve found ath the theme options panel is to enter some text.

What i really need is:

1. To change all the english words to espanish: I am using code styling localization plugging, but i am not able to find that lines on the singupbox.

2. Re arrange de elements at the sing up: I am using your “ultimate facebook plugin” and now the badge to login with facebook appears above the header title at the singup area of the box.

3. To adjuts a bit the background colour to perfectly fit with the pallete we are using ( this is not that urgent).

I have very little knowledge of css and php, so i will appreciatte very much your help!

Thank you and hava nice day!