About the Snapshot, and probably other plugins too, could

About the Snapshot, and probably other plugins too, could you try expand and let us save the backup at owncloud?
As you will read about... owncloud is easy to setup and a lot cheaper than dropbox... box... or any other like that.
We could rent a small VPS, install owncloud and save there with something like 100gb for 30 bucks/year.

Thanks in advance.

  • sebastien

    It would be interesting to be able to easily use open source storage solutions like:
    - nextcloud
    - owncloud
    - pydio
    - etc.

    I'm currently looking for a way to centralize all my backups easily with the ability to sync them on my own backup storage which is a NAS. Using for instance nextcloud which would be installed on a shared hosting plan with unlimited disk space, I could for a lower coast (can't definitively pay for everything) keep backups of my files and choose which one I want to sync on my local PC.

    I don't think that implementing this would be a big deal for WPMUDEV developers team but... one barrier I see that would prevent you to implement those others destinations is: you don't want to be spammed by users support requests. Using standards like dropbox etc. requires more support.

    But you could add them to snapshot pro under "experimental, use at your own risks, no support".

    Thank you or if you have an alternative, please let me know. I currently can't make more expenses for my websites even for something sensitive like backups (my dropbox is full :slight_frown:

    Sorry for answering to an old topic but I think that it makes sense as nothing as been done so far.

    Thank you for your great plugins.

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