About WPMU forum, staff and members...

Hello everyone,

First, let me say how much I am impressed by the efficiency and especially the patience of the staff of WPMU. Congratulations!

My questions are related to the participation of members who are not part of the staff (for example me...):

- Are we free to act on all messages?
- I recently helped a member who has given me his access to his WP & CPANEL (I think he was very satisfied with my work). But I guess you do not like it very much, and I understand that.
- I was ignored and even unwelcome in other interventions (no one is perfect, I may have given the wrong suggestions or beside the point - and I'm not fluent... ), I guess it's better not to respond?

I do not come whining (dura lex sed lex!), I just want to know how to manage it here at WPMU.

I am very familiar with forums (I'm moderating an important forum) but not the kind of WPMU, where (paying) members tend to require quick results without always giving lots of details about the problems ...
That's why I said to be very impressed by the work of the staff!

Thank you to enlighten me on how to manage my relationships with other members!