Academy Course - Incorrect text on CTA hover

When you hover over the CTA button for a course unit that is locked, it tells you that the unit will be available on the scheduled start date; see image. This same message is shown even after the start date has passed. When the date passes, the text could indicate that the unit will be available after completion of the prerequisite units. Thanks.

  • Raelene Morey

    Hi John,

    Thanks for your feedback. We're actually in the process of reviewing The Academy at the moment, particularly as we are transitioning courses to make them "evergreen", i.e. allow students to enroll and take courses when they want instead of week-by-week. As a result, there are some issues with dates at the moment, which we will be fixing soon. So for now, ignore the dates as all courses will be available on-demand within the next two-three weeks.

    Thanks for your patience as we make improvements to The Academy! We're making improvements all the time, big and small, and appreciate your feedback.

    Cheers, Rae (Academy facilitator)

  • John A.

    Hi, Rae,

    Thanks for the information. I just reported a couple of other bugs found in the Academy...perhaps those should be disregarded at this time. I'm glad to hear that the courses will be switched to evergreen style – I'm much more of a binge-learner, so weekly courses meant I'd have to wait until the course had ended before I started it. I wasn't really feelin' it...

    Since you guys are actively working on this... let me suggest a few things! :smiley:

    Please consider adding leaderboards and public profiles depicting achievements. Team Treehouse really has this nailed if you want to see a great example. I binged out for a few hours a day over a couple of weeks – and this was the result. Granted, I wasn't necessarily learning so much as merely taking quizzes on stuff I already knew pretty deeply, but still, it was nice how they gamified the experience and I wasn't stuck waiting around for start dates. They've got leaderboards, provide a public profile, and even a public API if we'd like to display achievements in some custom way. It would be great to see these features integrated into the academy.

    Thanks again for the info!

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