Academy Course Units Missing


I got a notification that this course had started, but the units seem to be missing. Can you please take a look?


  • Raelene Morey
    • Recruit

    Hey John,

    Whoops, glitch in The Matrix! We’re actually in the process of making this course and all of the other Academy courses evergreen so they are available on-demand and not week-by-week. The Advanced course was planned to go live today after already being a week later, but due to some bugs the content isn’t ready, so I do apologize for the confusion.

    I’m anticipating the course will be all ready to go by next Thursday. Sorry for any inconvenience, but it does mean that you’ll be able to go through the whole course in your own time without any time constraints or limitations.

    Let me know if you have any further questions, otherwise I hope you enjoy the course! This is the first time we’re running the Advanced course and would love any feedback.

    Cheers, Rae (Academy Facilitator)

  • John A.
    • The Incredible Code Injector

    Hi again,

    I was just wondering if the next Thursday date is when you anticipate all the courses going evergreen, or just the one referenced in this post? Just doing a little planning on this end.

    Also, what is the proper channel for Academy feedback? In the course I did already, I put some feedback into the comments because there was nowhere else, but it didn’t feel like that was the right place for it.


  • Raelene Morey
    • Recruit

    Hey John,

    The Advanced course will go live on Thursday. So far, four courses are evergreen:

    JavaScript for WordPress Developers

    Introduction to Upfront

    WordPress Development for Beginners

    WordPress Multisite Masterclass

    WordPress Development for Intermediate Users will go live tomorrow, and WordPress Careers Masterclass will go live next week. We’re still reviewing Dream Small, Market Big and Don’t Do It This Way as it requires a lot of manual feedback from our CEO, so this might be a course we only run once a year, still working out how to proceed with it.

    If you have any Academy feedback, you’re welcome to leave it in the Academy discussions, or just fire off an email to our support team ( It all gets back to me one way or another :slight_smile:. After running the Academy for a year and releasing a bunch of courses, we’re still learning and making improvements as we go. Definitely open to feedback and how we can make the course content and experience better for students.

    Cheers, Rae (Academy Facilitator)

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