Academy Courses Closed – Need the Multisite & Intermediate courses

I want to apologize upfront for having to write this support ticket as it is a function of not reading the details that I pride myself on doing.

I signed up for 2 Academy courses, Beginner development and Jame’s Business course. I really need to be in the intermediate development course but was thinking that a refresher at the beginner level first would be good for me, then I’d take the intermediate where I belong. Also, any multisite information I can acure is critical to my plan to register over a million bloggers into my multisite, I obviously need every bit of information I can acquire on multisite. Especially information from your courses since my WPMUdev membership is incredibly valuable, I am now grandfathered in to your membership for life, paid yearly… I couldn’t believe you offered it at $199, wow.

I value this membership resource as critical to my success. I do have experince creating a lot of traffic, in video I generated 100s of millions of views a month sustained for 3 years (Youtube still uses my technology to this day for their advertisers) and a blog program on joomla (at that time I found wp very confusing) that reached those numbers for a year. To accomplish that, I guided programmers from Pakistan and now I’d like to manage my new program myself, which I tested with unbelievable success.

Somehow I missed reading that registering for further courses would be cut off. I desparetly need to have the intermediate development and multisite course… and all others that you will offer… you provide by far the best information in your knowledge base and forum on wp (I’ve bought others like studio). Your members are amazing with creative discussions. I never miss reading one topic created in your forum. Wow! I also try to help others when I have the experience that might help and because of your membership, I’m growing at light speed where I was limping along before. I promote you on all my social media accounts, to my marketing & developer associates.

Is there any way I can enroll in those two additional courses, intermediate development and multisite. I perfusely apologize I didn’t enroll at the time they were open and I enrolled in the fist two.

It’s totally my fault so whatever you decide I want to thank you in advance for your time to consider my request. I respect the time it takes to accomplish what you’ve done with WPMUdev and now the invaluable courses in your Academy.

Sincerely & Respectfully,

-rick hare

A Digital Architect">