Access Code Subscriptions in Membership2

Previously I had the Membership plugin installed on our website; however, after an update, the plugin became corrupted and I was asked to uninstall and reinstall.

Today I signed into the dashboard to discover that my newly installed Membership had become Membership 2. And while for the most part the interface seems user friendly, there is now some functionality within the plugin that I no longer seem to have from the first release.

I have imported the members as directed. I have similarly gone through and attempted to fix any short codes or content protection settings.

Our membership registration, however, is based on an invite code that we mail out students separately from the site functionality. IE, there is content that you will not be able to see unless you had attended one of our seminars and gotten an invite code. Previously, this invite code was necessary to register for the site and, once registered, you would automatically fall into the "Membership Invite Code" level. Please see this previous thread for the initial issues I had in setting up registration:

Now, the form on my previous registration page is defunct, there seems to be no option to include an invite code, and the automatically generated pages of membership, account, etc are throwing my navigation into tizzies because of the name duplication.

I need to try and resolve this issue ASAP or else we won't be able to sign up students that have already purchased into website availability.

  • James

    I highly recommend that you revert back to a previous fully functioning "Save" point and then begin addressing your issues in a development area. M2 is COMPLETELY different than it's daddy and has thrown off many of my custom configs. I can not even imagine how much "support" the wpmudev team is getting... Why make it an auto update when it throws off so much? Beats the hell out of me... What can be done to fix it? How about a quick revert back to the functioning, badass, old M plugin that deletes all the shit M2 changes.

  • Patrick

    Hi there @Amy

    Welcome to WPMU DEV, glad to have you aboard!

    Indeed, as @James has indicated, the Membership2 plugin is quite different than the original Membership, yet is very similar in layout & functionality to our Protected Content plugin.

    As such, it does have an Invitation Codes addon that can activated under Membership2 > Addons, and it functions exactly as the same feature in the original Membership plugin.

    To resolve the navigation/menu issues, please be sure to trash and permanently delete all other copies of registration, account, etc, pages that exist on your site, so that there is only one of each of those pages. Then be sure they are selected under Membership2 > Settings > General.

    You may also want to double-check any custom menu(s) you may have created too, just in case you have any hard-coded URLs in custom links.

    Please let us know if this helps, and don't hesitate to post again if you need to.

  • Melissa


    Im glad you pointed out where the Invite Code add-on was located. That being said, any time I try to implement an invite code, despite setting it to "Membership Code: Membership" as the option for "invitation can be applied to these memberships" always reverts back to "any" once I click save.

    Similarly, as you can see in the link I included above in my first post, I'm trying to make is so that when people click register, they are automatically taken to the form for Membership Code: Membership (thus, bypassing the "subscription options" page). On the previous version of the membership plug in, this was in fact a custom URL ( which has now been broken. The help support never explained accurately where this link was originally generated, so going back and trying to create ANOTHER custom link to produce the same functionality is proving both difficult and frustrating.

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