Access levels blocking administrator

I've a jobs board on my site. I've configured the page where a user would submit jobs to block any members that are general users. The code on the page is as follows:

[not-level-general-member] [submit_job_form] [/not-level-general-member]
[level-general-member] We're very sorry, but the ability to submit job posts is only available to Company level subscription members. If you'd like to upgrade your subscription, please click here. You are, however, quite welcome to freely search any available posted jobs. [/level-general-member]

When I'm logged in as myself, with Administer access level rights, I see the content intended for the general level, but not the content for non-general level. If I am logged in as a different user who is neither an administrator, nor a general member, then the page works as it should. Why is it not showing the stuff for me as an administrator?