Access Levels not integrating with Member Roles

I am in the process of setting up a new site and I have created access levels via your membership plugin. When I start setting up the settings to the directory plugin, I click on membership roles to select the access level I want able to access the capability to create a new member in the directory, and all I see are the membership roles which are not linked to any access levels.... How do I link Access levels and Membership roles?

I don't know if that makes sense or if I need to explain it further, but any help would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you


  • Patrick

    Hi @Josh

    Welcome to the forums!

    That isn't set in the Directory plugin. You assign roles to Membership access levels when creating/editing the access level itself.

    Go to any access level on your site, and click the "Advanced (both)" tab next to the "Positive" and "Negative" rules tabs.

    Scroll down to the bottom and you will see where you can assign a role to that access level.

    Then in Directory, you can tweak the capabilities of that role for listings.

  • Josh

    Thank you for the quick response.

    What I am looking to do is offer multiple different services that a single user can sign up and pay for separately.

    Service A pays A
    Service B Pays B
    Service C Pays C

    An individual must first subscribe and Pay A before they can sign up for B and or C. As they sign up for those services, their username needs to be granted access to the page for submitting and editing their info for that service.

    As of now, it seems that I can only assign 1 role to an individual at a time. If they sign up for B, it removes A, when it should have added it to the access. And combination roles would work except that as a user signs up for the added service, their role would need to be upgraded to the combination role that they have now paid for (which is different for each user (A+B, A+C, A+B+C)).

    Any ideas?



  • Patrick


    Sorry for the delay in responding: I had a splitting headache yesterday and took some needed time off.

    As of now, it seems that I can only assign 1 role to an individual at a time.

    That is correct. Although the capabilities of any role can be tweaked, a user in WordPress can only have a single role. So maybe we're going about this the wrong way.

    As you are setting up access rules that may or may not be included in a user's combo subscription, it is just all too easy to create conflicting rules that can result in the user being locked out, or getting access to everything. Not good.

    How about using the access level shortcodes to wrap content on the pages. That way, regardless of the subscription, if the user does not have the required access, the content will simply not display on the page.

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