Access Levels not linking up correctly to WP Roles

Hello again.

I am gradually managing to hack my own way through this, but I have hit a problem which I cannot get a way around.

I am able to set up access levels and subscription plans. They are appearing on the site and members are able to signup and pay with paypal. Members are then listed in the membership list and in the regular WP users list. In both case they are listed in the correct User Role.

However when those new users login, they are not seeing the items which should be visible to them in the admin area. I have to manually go to Users/All Users/select the user in question, reselect the same Role and save. Then the correct options are visible to them in their admin area.

Obviously this is not sustainable, and I can't see how this would be meant to happen.

Please, please, can someone help with this.

Best wishes, Andrew,