Access Levels: Stranger Level plus...


I'm setting up a site for a client. They have a site where most content is visible to all users, however he has a set of pages for different 'courses'. There are subscriptions for each course that people can sign up to to grant access to these pages.

I'm having difficulty setting up the plugin so this is easy for him to manage. I've figured out two ways to do this, each with significant drawbacks:

A. Use negative rules to block access to course pages on stranger access level. On access level for course subscription use negative rules on all other courses.

B. Use position rules for all pages except courses on stranger access level. Use positive rules for all pages plus a course on subscription levels.

The first one appears to work best at first, but if the user subscribes to another course the negative rules combine and they lose access to all courses. The second one works, however it is very painful to manage, since whenever he wants to add a public page, he has to go into every access level (in the end there will be about 15) and add a positive rule.

Ideally I would be able to set a base level of access with the Stranger access level, then have access levels for the subscription that simple added positive rules for the course page. Basically I want the Subscription Access Levels to be the Stranger Access Level Rules plus the rules for the new Access Level.

Is this even possible?