Access Levels & Subscriptions disappeared

Hi All

When updating membership we have lost some of our member types!

We can still assign the different subscriptions to users under "All Members"
Letting Agent
ARK Member

Of these there were 9 Access Levels

It is worth noting that when making most of these subscriptions they are clones and then edited of the Standard User subscription.

I haven't upgraded/unlocked yet membership2.

When I look under "Access Levels" or "Subscription Plans" on the membership menu, only 3 are there...Guest, Forum & Standard.

Now it is worth noting that under the top menu item "Membership" ALL the different types are still present and working properly, I can click on those links and go through to rules for that subscription or access level.

So the conclusion is I can get to them BUT they aren't appearing in the lists when going direct to that menu item.