Access to protected feeds via HTTP authentication?

I'm using Multisite Privacy to protect a WP network. I've selected "Visitors must have a login" for each site.

I'd like to access the feeds for these sites from the dashboards of sites in another network, displaying them with your Dashboard Feeds plugin. (Protected content authored in NetworkA, displayed in dashboards for users of NetworkB.)

However, the authentication at NetworkA is getting in the way, and supplying doesn't seem to be supported.

Is there a way for me to achieve this?

  • Alexander


    Im sorry HTTP authentication isn't available. It's actually a Wordpress core issue, because the RSS library used doesn't support it.

    The Dashboard Feeds plugin uses the "fetch_feed" Wordpress function. That function runs off the SimplePie library, which currently doesn't support http authentication.

    With custom coding, you could use the Wordpress HTTP API to retrieve the information. This way you could add headers for the http authentication. However, at this point you'd also need to implement your own RSS parser.

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