Access v Subscription

I am at that confusing spot with Membership set up, Part VIII Access Levels. I believe I have a light grasp of it, in that I need to set permission levels so that there’s something to give to the subscriber levels. Sorta.

So when I go to Access Levels main page, then the Subscription Levels page, they have the same info in there, a list of all my subscription levels I set up. If Access plans are different, then why are the same exact names in there instead of say Basic, One, Two, Three as in the manual. At any rate, I am super confused and do not know what I am supposed to be choosing here.

FYI: The site I am setting up will have stranger/visitor subscription level; and then 6 subscription levels (3 monthly and 3 yearly) BUT all 6 will be allowed to access all the same content. There is no bronze, silver, gold plan in this were the more you pay, the more you get. It’s more on how much people can afford and want to support us at. There might be a 7th level called Plus which will cost more and will have content exclusive from all the other levels, this isn’t set in stone yet though. So just on the 6 levels of subscription, with equal access, what decisions do I need to be making here?