Accessibility issues with skip links when adding a section of my site

Hello all I am having issues with my skip links again on my site, when ever I add a section of my site. This site needs to be accessible to the blind. On my previous support ticket Alex Stine had helped me with my issues. I was hoping him or someone else with web accessibility experience can help me on this ticket.

Right now my skip links are broken at, ““. When I add the featured posts section to the page the skip links break. Then the skip link to the Navigation seems to not work at all with or without the section. I don’t know if this has anything to do with it but I am using the orbital slider from Foundation by Zurb.

Alex Stine, if you are able to help I will send you a direct message from the contact form with the same information as last time and with what line of code to comment out to see the difference with or without the section in place.

Thank you for your help!