Accidentally deleted Default Service in Appointments+. No my serviceID#2 cannot be booked

Accidentally deleted the "Default Service" in Appointments+ (ID#1). Now my service with ID#2 cannot be booked. It shows every date and time is booked. Do I have to reinstall Appointments+ and start over??

  • Jack Kitterhing
    • Code Norris

    Hi there @Editor

    I hope your well :slight_smile:

    We have a few options here, you could:

    1: Add it back into the database with the ID of 1

    2: Delete your other service, then add that service as the first service :slight_smile:

    Or in an extreme situation you could re-install, but that shouldn't be needed :slight_smile:

    Thank you!

    Kind Regards

  • Editor
    • Design Lord, Child of Thor

    How can i add it back into the database at number 1? Wanted to do so, but cannot find where the database is stored. If you try to use the add service button within app+ it just adds the next number. Doesnt allow you do add it as number 1.

  • pxwm
    • WP Core Meltdown

    Hi @Jack Kitterhing - Hope you don't mind me chiming in

    Hi @Editor

    Is it possible you could screenpost all the shortcodes in your Appointment page with 'Text' selected so I can view all the codes.

    Could you also screenpost the settings for the 'Services' page and the 'Service Provider' page for each Service Provider and the 'no specific provider' options.


  • Editor
    • Design Lord, Child of Thor

    I dont mind ANYONE chiming in when looking for potential help. PXWM, I just fixed it! I added the Default back in using the add services button (came in as #27). Then I had to do a "Star Trek" on know..."Go where I've never gone before". I poked around and found the database under cpanel/PHPmyAdmin/wp_app_services and was able to change the ID back to 1 on Default Service. Back to normal it appears.

    Thanks to everyone for trying to help. I know there will be other things...but Im getting better at poking around and finding. Just trying to be extra careful while doing so too.


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