Where do I hide Branding as according to your documentation?


According to your usage guidelines for the WPMU DEV plugin (https://premium.wpmudev.org/project/wpmu-dev-dashboard/) > “Hide & Branding”, it says “We understand that you might install these on websites where you don’t want any branding so now you can turn that off in the dashboard settings from the admin”

From the WPMU DEV plugin, if I go to Manage > Dashboard widgets, it says “You may hide the WPMU DEV dashboard widgets via the “Screen Options” dropdown on the dashboard.”

1) If I go to the WPMU DEV Dashboard, there is nothing on customizing or hiding widgets.

2) If I go to the Network Dashboard, clicking “Screen Options” yields nothing

3) If I go to the Site Dashboard (one site so far), clicking the “Screen Options” , I do see “Manage widgets or menus”, but WPMU Dev does not appear anywhere

How do I hide the branding?