Account and Site Registration (BuddyPress + WP Multisite)


On our site we have built a network where a New Member will have access our network (buddypress features) AND have blog site (micro site managed by the Pro Sites plugin).

We have ONE level that we advertise at $9.75 per month. Paypal Pro has been set up as our gateway and tested. That works beautifully.

The current registration process using all the buddypress and pro site settings is this:
1. Potential Member goes to the Register page ( - See Screen shot
2. They fill out the form. Select the checkbox under Blog Details if they would like to have a blog site (Boutique site). Then click the Complete Sign Up button.
3. The page redirects to blank page with "You have successfully created your account! To begin using this site you will need to activate your account via the email we have just sent to your address.".
4. The new user has to check their email, click on the activate link. The activate link redirects to a page that says: "Your account was activated successfully! You can now log in with the username and password you provided when you signed up."
5. The user has to go BACK to their email where they receive a second email with their log in credentials.
6. Once they log in to the site they are immediately directed to a payment page. (see screenshot 2).

The payment page works just fine. OUR PROBLEM is this.... if the user does not pay they still have access to the network. They can not access their site but they can interact with other members.

Is there a way to streamline this process when the potential member is on our register page, once they click the complete button it takes them directly to the payment page?

We want to make this as simple as possible for our new members.