Account Issues

I have a fresh install of WP with multisite enabled and pro sites. I am wondering if something is wrong or I don't understand how it's supposed to work.

1) I tried to create a new site to test it using manual payments. I have 3 pricing options to choose from, I click one, and I can go no further. Underneath the 3 options it just says manual payments and there is no button to continue. Should there be one?

2) So after failing at signing up, I used the admin to extend the site forever. when I log in (as the newly extended site) and click the "pro sites" admin menu button, it takes me back to the same signup page. I was assuming this would take me to some kind of account overview.

3) Assuming that the admin button I just talked about is doing what it is supposed to, is there some kind of account page (either front end or admin) for the user to look at?