Acitivating User after they've paid

Good Morning,

I recently downloaded your Membership Plugin. I have been able to install it and link it to PayPal, but I can't seem to overcome one critical flaw. I was hoping to get some help.

I've manage to set up the registration account, and link it to my business paypal account. So a new subscriber can hit the site and register for my paid subscription. The plugin then gives them the option to pay with Paypal (not express but the other one). This is great. However once they've paid PayPal successfully completes the transaction and they are redirected back to my website. They are even emailed their wordpress User Login and Password. However they are unable to see the subscriber content and when they try to login to their account at a later time Wordpress tells them their account has not been activated. Yet no activation email ever shows up.

I'm stumped, I hope that I have been clear enough. I was curious if you had a video walk-through for installing this plugin or perhaps a getting started guide I was unable to fine.

Hope you can help me out with this...
-David Snodgrass