Activate Easy Mode Button is Always Present

It seems that the "Activate easy mode" button in the top right-hand corner is always present, even if the user has Easy Mode activated. (The left side of the button on my install is also slightly too big for the top admin bar, and so it looks slightly misplace. The right side of the button is fine.)

This would not be such a big deal, but for my site I will have a lot of users who are unfamiliar with anything technical, and I'm sure they will continue to hit the "Easy Mode" waiting for it to do something. When it doesn't do anything (because they're already in Easy Mode), I imagine them coming to me wondering what's happening and why they can't get to Easy Mode.

>> I have the latest version of the plugin and WP 3.3 installed. This behavior seems the same whether I have BuddyPress activated or not.