Activate site wide vs. activate by user


I'm upgrading my WPMU Dev plugins and it has raised a question.

Plugins like Forum, Popover, Subscribe by email etc are plugins that users can choose to use or not. If activated, they add some menu options etc. But should these plugins still be activated sitewide to work, or can I leave them to be activated or not by the individual user?

So if someone wants to have a forum, they can just activate the plugin and set it up. If they don't want to have a forum they can leave the plugin unactivated and not see the menu options connected to the plugin.

The later option would make it easier to make i.e. the popover plugin into a supporter plugin.

  • DavidM

    Hello there Qlof,

    I believe the answer to your questions is ultimately, yes, the plugins should be activated on a blog-by-blog basis rather than sitewide activated. Then, the option can be left up to the individual users as to whether they want to activate the plugin on their sub-site or not, all depending on whether you've allowed them to through the Supporter options.

    And yes, the Popover plugin should work just fine in conjunction with Supporter so that, for instance, only paid users could use popovers. Subscribe by mail and Forums should work perfectly as well.

    Also, if you're looking for more fine-grained access control, you could take a look into the Membership plugin as well.

    Hope that helps!


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