Activate Widgets Of Current Users

I want to activate a widget in all my current users sidebars. I think the easiest way to do this is via a SQL query. Could someone help me out as to what I should enter exactly. I suspect it's something like this:

UPDATE wp_#_options ADD widget_friends

  • Andrew


    It's a bit more complicated than that I'm afraid. The blog option you're looking for is 'sidebars_widgets'. The problem is that it's a serialized array.

    So unless there's a fancy query that can insert an item into a serialized array you'll probably have to code a script that goes through each blog doing the following:
    1) grab 'sidebars_widgets' and unserialize
    2) add your users widget to the array
    3) serialize and update 'sidebars_widgets'

    There's probably a function you could use to add the widget as well. I just tend to grab raw data and manipulate it rather than figuring out how functions work, etc.