Activated Plugins Network-Wide, Now No Access

I wanted to use your Terms of Service Plugin, so I activated Multi-Site for my WP installation. It all went well until I accidentally activated all of my plugins network-wide! Now I don't have access to any of them!

My admin account must only be set to Site Admin, not Super Admin. How can I recover my plugins?


  • Dave

    Thanks for the quick response. I don't think I explained myself very well...

    After enabling multisite, I went into my plugins (which were deactivated) and I chose to active them all site-wide.

    Now when I go into plugins I don't see anything because my account is set up as a site admin, not a super admin.

    I was following your multi-site instructions so that I could use your TOS plugin, but I think I've messed things up. How can I restore ALL of my plugins so that they show back in my admin account?


  • aristath

    Hello there Dave, I hope you're well today!

    I'm glad you managed to figure this one out...
    I'll just post some help here so that if anyone else finds this post on Google they'll know what's going on.

    On multisite installations there's 2 ways to activate plugins:
    1. Network-Activate
    2. Activate on a single site.

    If you network-activate a plugin, then that plugin is by default activated on all sites of your network and can't be de-activated.
    Therefore, there's no point in showing them in the "plugins" list of individual sites at all.
    The "Network Admin" area of your WordPress installation is where you can network-activate plugins, make themes available to sub-sites and otherwise manage settings that concert the whole network of sites and not just an individual site.

    I hope that helps!


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