Activating Membership gives me the white screen of death

I just installed Membership 2.1.2 and when I hit Activate, I got the white screen of death.

So I removed it through my host. I saw on here that there’s a newer version, 2.1.3, so I tried that one, but again I got the white screen of death.

I’m using:

WP 3.2.1

BP 1.5.1

Edu Clean

I’m also on my second test site, after database problems from Marketpress made me have to abandon it and start over. Ironically, I had Membership on that install without any apparent problems. Sigh.

Here’s what I did. I made a list of all the plugins in my new install that I didn’t have in my old install — I figured Membership was just having a problem with one of these other plugins. So I Deactivated each one, one at a time, then reinstalled and reactivated Membership, and each time I still got the white screen of death. So then I’d remove M. through my host and reactivate the test plugin, and proceed to the next one. A little tedious, yes?

And guess what it was? Everyone’s beloved contact form, Contact Form 7 + Really Simple CAPTCHA.

I know WPMUDEV has a contact plugin, but it’s a widget. I was using Contact 7 for a little bit more complicated form, including a file upload field.

Any recommendations for a Contact 7 replacement that works with Membership? Or a way to make Membership work with Contact 7?