Activating Plugins for Supporters

I think i must be missing something in regards to how mu-plugins are flagged as supporter only or site specific.

I totally get the regular plugins directory and the options for network and making them supporter only or not.

The mu-plugins like:

have intsalled them in mu-plugins and they work fine, BUT they are visible in every users dashboard and threw all my reading can not find where to enable or disable per site or for only supporters (like the themes)

Let me know what i am missing please, either i don't understand something in how they work or am just completely overlooking it.

  • Sue
    • Recruit

    Hi rpawly, autoblog, classifieds, communities, forums and friends are all mu-plugins.

    mu-plugins are must-use plugins and work very differently from regular plugins. Regular puings you have the option to limit who can access them using the functionality within our Supporter plugin.

    Whereas mu-Plugins are activated by default affecting all sites on a WordPress Multisite installation.

    You can read a bit more about the difference between mu-plugins and regular plugins here -

    Classifieds, communities, forums and friends are all designed to be available to all users on a network. Whereas from memory Autoblog is designed to be used by the Super Admin only.

  • Sue
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    Hi rpawly, I haven't had a chance to check out the latest version of Autoblog so I can't confirm if it now available to normal users. However, it is good practise to get used to checking features as both a Super admin user and a normal admin user. So I would log in as an admin user and see if it is an option.

    So what I would do is set up an admin user account for testing and then do the testing. I recommend you use two different web browsers as it will make it faster and you will have less problems. For example, you log into your Super Admin account using FireFox and log into the test admin user account using Internet Explorer. Off course the other added benefit of including this in your testing is it helps you pick up any web browser issues.

    You can read more about this here -

  • rpawly
    • The Incredible Code Injector


    yes i have 5 test accounts with differenet random themes and they all have access to the autoblogs plugin. and I use chrome and firefox to check them :slight_smile: thankx have alleviated the login issue using multiple machines :slight_smile: "the command center!" ........ errr lame :disappointed:

  • rpawly
    • The Incredible Code Injector

    Features and Options for Autoblog:

    * Choose if you want new posts to be published straight away, pending review or as drafts
    * Select any author from your Multisite network
    * Assign posts to categories and / or apply tags to them and / or import post tags with the post
    * Filter posts that are included or excluded based on keywords or phrases
    * Use excerpts (number of words configurable) or whole posts and choose what link (if any) you want to give to the original source
    * Select how often you want Autoblog to check for post

    its almost like the plugin is meant for a private mu setup where the admin is actually all the users as well? I did find something "Now you should see the Autoblog menu item under Dashboard >> Site Admin >> Auto Blog. If not, then please follow these instructions:"

    but my autoblog is definitely not under "super admin" but down at the bottom with inbox, friends, communites, classifieds and such, would totally make since if it was under the super admin section but its not. Wish Barry could chime in :slight_smile:

    @Barry :slight_smile:

  • Sue
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    Hi rpawly, sorry and apologies. But I can't assume that people are always testing in a range of web browsers or that they'll always remember to test different user roles. Every now and then I'll forget that I should have checked logged in as admin :slight_smile: Autoblog has been updated quite a bit since I originally worked with it. We'll look at the project page and update the information this week.

  • rpawly
    • The Incredible Code Injector

    @suewaters ya just need to know if its meant to be that way..... if so i will remove, i know i don't want to support that for all users, but if not then would like to find out whats wrong with my install.


  • Sue
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    Hi rpawly, I've just uploaded it to my install and it is no longer placed in Super Admin and is now definitely availalbe to all admim users. I'll organise for our plugin information to be updated. Thanks for making us aware of this.

  • rpawly
    • The Incredible Code Injector


    i do have additional questions regarding this topic,

    the forums edublogs is charging for is it the same forums plugin located here? If so how are you adding that to the supporter list? its a MU plugin so it shows for everyone.

    same general question for classifies (would like to have only supporters use the classifieds on their site) as of now its available to all MU


  • rpawly
    • The Incredible Code Injector

    @sue waters


    Should have the install instructions a bit clearer
    "Plugin Name: Forums
    Author: Andrew Billits

    WPMU / WP with Multi-Site enabled:
    forums-framework.php - goes in /wp-content/mu-plugins
    forums.php - goes in /wp-admin

    forums-framework.php - goes in /wp-content/plugins
    forums.php - goes in /wp-admin "

    Possibly - wpmu / wp with ms enabled (AND YOU WANT IT ACTIVATED NETWORK WIDE)


    or something similar, i installed the first couple days and did't really understand the differences.

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