Activating Snapshot Pro on individual sites

I really like the idea of Snapshot Pro, but was surprised that you don't allow individual blog owners to run backups at all.

I was looking for ways to do it, and came across this thread:

Here someone says you used to have that feature, had removed it, and were looking to add it back in. however, that was three years ago. Did you finally land on not allowing it? If I can, are there instructions on how to set this up?

My customers like to play around with their content, page layouts, and the like. However, they are just as likely to break something as they are to get it right if they try anything fancy. I was hoping to set things up this way:

1. My host runs daily backups in case of something catastrophic.
2. I would run daily and weekly backups of the site, with different levels of what are backed up and when.
3. And since WordPress doesn't offer a 'sandbox', I would like to give my site owners the ability to basically press a button and back up their content and plugin settings (image galleries, sliders, etc.) before they start updating, so if they break something, they can go back to where they were when the started. But I don't want them to have to call me every time they are about to start working so that i can run (or restore) a backup for them.

Please let me know if this feature is slated to be reintroduced to Snapshot Pro, or if you are aware of another solution that would allow me to offer this service to my customers.