Activating subscriptions!

Hey All,

Having some trouble getting my head around the Membership plugin.

I have done:

~ Set up Levels


~ Created Subscriptions

~ *STANDARD = Free for a set amount of time (serial – 1 day for testing)

~ *FULL 6 months = $xxx (serial)

~ *FULL 12 months = $xxx (serial)

~ Setup Gateways

~ Paypal Express (sub, active, live site)

~ Setup Options

~ Stranger = *STANDARD

~ User reg = none

~ Reg page = set

~ Acc page = set

I’m struggling with:

~ How do I up sell to new members on sign up? I can’t find the subscriptions links/buttons to create a custom registration page. At the moment there is the standard sign up page/link that puts the new member on the *STANDARD level.

~ When using the [renewform] it returns a “You do not currently have any subscriptions in place.”