Activating themes across multisite

Hi, I have downloaded the dashboard and appointments in my network adin area and "network activated them." However I can not figure out how to access them from my sites within that network.

When I go to plugins in any of the sites I do not have the option to access or activate the dashboard or the appointments plugin that has been activated within the network admin area.

for the life of me I can not figure out how I was able to access the blogs mu theme and get it working, but I did. I am just having no luck with anything else.

I had expected by now to have several plugins loaded and working and am instead at a standstill.

Thanks for your help.

  • Vaughan

    Hi @suzanne,

    This is the way multisite works.

    Network activated plugins are automatically activated on every single subsite, these do not appear in the plugins page of each subsite because they are network activated. However, the plugins that are network activated if they have options, you should see the plugin menu item in the left menu of each subsite (if it has any admin options)

    If you want to allow subsite admins to deactivate & activate plugins as they choose, then do not network activate them.

    The Dashboard plugin on a multisite only works at the network level, you have to network activate it, but it's menu only appears in the Network Dashboard.

    appointments can work either, but it only works for each subsite, it doesn't have any global appointments so there's no benefit to network activation, and i'd recommend it not to be network activated, then you can activate it manually on each subsite if it's required.

    This guide might help you with multisite usage.

    Hope this helps

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