Activating Ultimate Branding v1.8.2 Adds 15 Seconds To Admin Plugins Page Load Time


When comparing admin plugin page load time on multiple sites on a WP4.42 multisite network of 60 sites, I noted that activating Ultimate Branding v 1.8.2 significantly increases the page load time for the admin plugins page.

Deactivating Ultimate Branding DECREASES admin plugins page load time by 10 to 15 seconds on multiple sites.

Also, Debug bar reports these errors for v 1.8.2 and it does not for v

WARNING: wp-content/plugins/ultimate-branding/ultimate-branding-files/modules/custom-admin-bar-files/inc/UB_Admin_Bar.php:612 – in_array() expects parameter 2 to be array, null given

require_once(‘wp-admin/admin-header.php’:wink:, do_action(‘in_admin_header’:wink:, call_user_func_array, wp_admin_bar_render, do_action_ref_array, call_user_func_array, UB_Admin_Bar->remove_menus_from_admin_bar, in_array

WARNING: wp-includes/class-wp-http-encoding.php:58 – gzinflate(): data error

WP_List_Table->display, WP_List_Table->display_rows_or_placeholder, WP_Plugins_List_Table->display_rows, WP_Plugins_List_Table->single_row, do_action(‘after_plugin_row_wpfront-user-role-editor-business-pro/wpfront-user-role-editor.php’:wink:, call_user_func_array, EDD_SL_Plugin_Updater->show_update_notification, set_site_transient, apply_filters(‘pre_set_site_transient_update_plugins’:wink:, call_user_func_array, Vc_Updating_Manager->check_update, Vc_Updating_Manager->getRemote_version, wp_remote_post, WP_Http->post, WP_Http->request, WP_Http->_dispatch_request, WP_Http_Curl->request, WP_Http_Encoding::decompress, gzinflate

NOTICE: wp-content/plugins/ultimate-branding/ultimate-branding-files/modules/custom-admin-bar-files/inc/UB_Admin_Bar.php:612 – Undefined index: wp_menu_roles

require_once(‘wp-admin/admin-header.php’:wink:, do_action(‘in_admin_header’:wink:, call_user_func_array, wp_admin_bar_render, do_action_ref_array, call_user_func_array, UB_Admin_Bar->remove_menus_from_admin_bar

Rolling back to v 1.8.01 eliminates the errors above.

Version only adds about 3-4 seconds to the admin plugins page load time.

Something seems to be amiss with v 1.8.2 Ultimate Branding.

Perhaps the gzip error introduced in v1.8.2 is resulting in increased page load time?

  • Rupok
    • Support Ninja

    Hi SooBahkDo

    Hope you had a wonderful day.

    I tried to regenerate the issue in my live test site but I could not. There was no error like these logged in my debug.log file. I can see one Warning and one Error related to “Custom Admin Bar” module in “Ultimate Branding” in your given log. Can you try disabling that specific module and check again?

    Moreover, can you make a plugin and theme conflict test? That will confirm that this is not being caused by any other plugins or themes. To know more about plugin/theme conflict test, you can visit this article:

    Have a nice day. Cheers!


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