Activation Link issue - activation works but error messages don't make sense "There was an

There is an issue with our login process:

I've been able to pinpoint that the error message:
"There was an error activating your account" happens when your account is already activated. Here is what's happening:

-I register.
-I click the activation link in email.
-A new window opens in my browser with message that I am activated and can login.
-If I login on that same window after I activate (url is /activate), I get the error message. If I navigate off that screen, however, I am logged in and all is fine.
-If I click the activation link again in the email, I get that same error msg.

I've been pouring all over the blogs and everything this morning to find the solution and the closest I've gotten is this page:

There is no help on that page however. I searched all the files for the source code that is generating the error msg and see it in these two files:

* bp-core-signup.php
* buddypress.pot

Since I'm not familiar with the the code base, I'm unsure of where to update to change the error message to say something like "Your account has already been activated". And I'm also unsure that if I change the error message, what about when there really is a problem with activating someone's acount?

Also, how can I resolve the issue that logging in on the /activate page seems to reload that page and tries to activate me again? Is there a way to redirect the user to the front page if they log in on the /actviate page?

Thanks for any help provided. I made a very concerted effort to find an answer before posting this help request. Thanks!