Activation mail says unknown sender

Hi I have a problem with activation mail.

When a user from a subsite adds another user a activation mail is sent but the from adress i missing.

In the mailbox i get:
(unknown sender)

subject field says
[] Akctivate hubbe

the problem is that it is probably going in the spam bacause of this

Any Ideas?

regards Hubbe

  • Patrick

    Hi there @hubbe

    I hope you're well today!

    By default, users on subsites can only invite users that already exist in your network. So the email they receive should contain a link to confirm the invitation. Only the super-admin can actually add new users to subsites.

    Are you perhaps adding users while logged into the subsite as super-admin?

    Does this occur when adding users from any subsite, or only from a specific subsite?

    Have you double-checked that the admin email address is correctly entered in the subsite Settings > General?

    I also noticed on your site that you have about 50 plugins & themes that need updating. That would be the first step to debugging this issue as so much can be due to outdated scripts present on your network.

    Please first update all plugins & themes, and then be sure to visit Upgrade Network in your network admin and click the button there to update all subsites too.

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