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I created a new website using the registration form.

It automatically emailed me an "activiation email". Clicking on the link works fine and displays a message: "Your account is now active!" Etc.

However, the page title is "Page not found.

URL: http://subdomain.domain.tld/wp-activate.php?key=e6r78t09j8

[Links fixed ~ drmike]

  • drmike
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    Just for reference, please use a working link or a *.tld for links please. We've had people link to porn sites previously and it's caused some issues.

    The page not found on the activation page is a known issue with a specific host and for the life of me, I can;t think of it. Can you let us know who you;re hosted with so I can find the fix please? (One of the reasons why a working link is a plus.)

    edit: godaddy?

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