"Active" users not showing up in Bp Members

Ok, so I get people to register.... They fill in the registration form, click on the Subscribe button and I as the administrator get an e-mail to say that there is new user. Great. I look under Users and it shows the person as Active, the Free Subscription is in place, and the level is correct. So far so good...
But when we actually go into the BP community and look for these new members - they just aren't there! (And I have emptied the cache; tried to deactivate and reactive but to no avail.)
Under the Members Directory, the original people that we had signed up before getting the registration plugin going, all show up (7 members).
However, at the top it does say "All Members (13)". BUT , when I hit that button - it doesn't show all 13 members that we now have; it just takes me back to the home page?
Thanks guys.

  • Ann Williams

    Hi Tammie
    Thx for the reply. I tried to take the message off the forums but could not find any way of deleting it.
    It turns out that the issue is not with the Membership plugin, but with the Java of the BuddyPress.
    What was happening is that the 'active' members that were shown in the list had nothing to do with whether they were 'Active' in the User admin.
    We couldn't get to see all the Active users as the java in the original BP download bombed out.
    (Of course, if anyone knows anything about BP that could help with why it bombs out when asked to show all members that have been activated that would be great. But it hasn't anything to do with WPMU.)
    So thanks again for getting back to me.

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