Activities in private groups are hidden


Activities in the Activity Stream of private groups are not shown to group members.

Likely cause
Installed security plugins. First Bulletproof then uninstalled. Second Wordfence then uninstalled.

I did not do any customization beyond choosing settings for the two plugins.

Problem only happens in private groups. In public groups updates etc. are shown from all members, so it's not user_id related.

Updates posted _after_ uninstalling the plugins _are_ shown in private groups.

My guess is that the activity items have been assigned "hide" value in the DB, but I can't find it. They are not marked as spam. They have 'hide_sitewide' true as they should, being in a private group.

Any ideas are most welcome!

PS. Yes, I have contacted both plugin developers :slight_smile:

  • mort3n


    This is getting strange :slight_smile: Only one private group seems to be affected (the main one of course)

    Other private groups, including subgroups of the affected group (the site uses BP Group Hierarchy), are not affected.

    The entries in the *snip*_bp_activity table for the affected group are plain gone. However, the actions behind the entries, such as forum posts etc. are still intact.

    So, I guess I seek advice on

    A) Is this really caused by one of two very popular security plugins? Probably not, so if you have some idea about what newbie mistake I've made, please do tell :slight_smile:

    B) Can I somehow look at the database transactions? I can't seem to locate a log for those.

    Thanks in advance!


  • aecnu

    Greetings Mort3n,

    Thank you for bringing these items to our attention.

    The fact of the matter is this seems like a Buddy Press issue in which the Buddy Press forums are the place to hit up on this question.

    If it were not for their own admittance to literally hundreds of bugs I would think a little differently about this main group anomaly though I would still hit the Buddy Press forums for an answer.

    In addition, we do not have anyone from Buddy Press on staff here at WPMU DEV and therefore I have nobody to turn to for a possible answer.

    In this case, I await to see what kind of answer you can come up with from Buddy Press to possibly resolve this or to get them to acknowledge this is indeed a bug and calm the curiosity of all those interested.

    Please advise.

    Cheers, Joe

  • mort3n

    Update and closing.

    I was never able to identify the cause of this.

    I'm pretty sure Bulletproof is not at fault, since I don't see how it's logic could have caused this.

    There have been at least one possibly related problem reported for Wordfence by others.

    There haven't been a single problem since uninstalling the two security plugins.

    When, if, I get the time I will investigate this further on a different test site.

    Marking as resolved.


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