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Hi, I wanted to preven the forum activity of a group from displaying in the Activity of the group as I thought it could lead to two discussions on the same topic going on in different places. I downloaded the plugin Activity block ( and chose to block new_forum_post, new_forum_topic but it gives you the following warning: Using this plugin will block activity stream entries defined by their types from being saved to the database. There is no recovery or reverting. You have been warned. :slight_smile:

Does this mean that the forum entries will still be saved on the database, just not the activity stream entries? I'm not sure I'm getting it right, and obviously I want the content of the forum to continue to be saved to the database.

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  • DavidM
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    Hello Bea,

    The plugin only blocks the display of activity in the activity stream and doesn't affect the original items it's blocking from the stream. I meant to use the plugin a while ago myself but never got around to it. I would think you'd be able to just test it on a single item by enabling it momentarily for testing then disabling. Have you tried that?

    Another thing to consider is compatibility, as it doesn't appear to be in development any longer and it's falling a bit behind in version support now.


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