Activity permalink in groups not working

the permalink to 'view' an indivdual activity post does not work, instead it redirects to homepage. eg.
This activity post was created within a group.
However, the view does work in a members activity eg.
Can anyone help?

  • dannywalsh
    • New Recruit

    Thanks David,
    I've worked out that the address that is posted in the notification and 'view' link on the site is
    It should resolve to
    Is there a way to rewrite/redirect so that 'group' and 'group-name' are added and 'p' is removed?

    When something is posted in the activity stream (and not in an activity stream in a group) it works fine.


  • derusion
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    I have this exact same issue but it happens regardless of group or placement of post. If you just simply post to your profile wall and it sends to the activity stream. Reply to it, that reply updates the stream that you replied. Click "view" to that reply, and it goes to the wrong place like you described, same kind of URL.

  • Saunt Valerian
    • The Bug Hunter

    I'm getting this too. Everything was working fine until I tried to install the Private Reply Plugin from WP Plugins today, I've removed it entirely but now my activity permalinks are all broken.

    No matter which activity item I click, they all redirect to the first item in the list. I thought it was related to the plugin I mentioned, but after removing it the problem is still there. It's like the permalink gets rewritten every time there is a new update.

    The worst part is that all incoming links now (ones that have been shared externally) are now redirecting to the latest activity update. It feels like my entire website is broken...

    What plugins are you running? I'm going to take my site offline tomorrow and deactivate everything and do the plugin dance.

    UPDATE: the incoming links are showing the correct URL, but they are actually displaying the most recent activity item.

    This is bad....

  • Saunt Valerian
    • The Bug Hunter

    Hope I didn't hijack your thread. I discovered that it was indeed related to this plugin:

    It is a rather invasive plugin. It caused a permanent change to my BP directory that even after the plugin was deleted was still there (it added its own files). Not sure what those files were, but I ended up manually deleting the entire BuddyPress plugin and FTP'ing in a fresh install of it. That way I knew all the corrupting files were gone.

    However, this makes me think that if you can't find the source of your problem in a plugin conflict search, then try putting in a fresh install of BP and see if that fixes it for you. It actually only takes a couple of minutes to do, but ensures your BP is the way the programmers meant it to be.

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