Activity + plugin removes "Post Update" button - can't post!

The latest release of Activity Plus has a bug where, when you go to post a photo/video or link, the "Post Update" button disappears, making it impossible to finish your post. Help!


    I'm taking a closer look at this and realized that I could've articulated this issue a bit better...

    Before entering anything as an activity, we typically see the "Post Update" button. When posting just a text update, we enter the text in the field and then hit the "Post Update" button - simple.

    I'm guessing that the "Post Update" button disappears once you begin the process of posting something using the Activity Plus plug-in because the reveals (whether it's photo, video or link) intentionally remove that canned "Post Update" button. However, this makes for an inconsistent experience.

    Posting a photo is done by clicking the photo icon, then the "Upload a File" button. Once the image is inserted, then you see an "Add Photos" button - that says, to me, "Click this to add more pictures to post" when, in fact, it's the button used to submit your upload.

    Basically, the same with video and links.

    I would recommend replacing the "Add photos," Add video" and "Add link" buttons with a "Post Update" button that looks identical to the default one. This would be much more clear and consistent.


    Hi AgencyPJA,

    Thanks for that clarification! I've used the plugin in the past and it actually did seem intuitive to me at the time. I think I just got confused given the scenario here, but yes, the add button does serve as the Post Update button once the item is uploaded.

    I think the plural "Photos" in my testing is what threw me off though, as I'd only uploaded a single item, so I figured it was asking to add more.

    Hope ya don't mind my moving this to the feedback forum at this point. I'll mention this to a few others over here and we'll take a look at better wording on this.