Activity + plugin removes "Post Update" button - can't post!

The latest release of Activity Plus has a bug where, when you go to post a photo/video or link, the "Post Update" button disappears, making it impossible to finish your post. Help!

  • AgencyPJA
    • WPMU DEV Initiate

    I'm taking a closer look at this and realized that I could've articulated this issue a bit better...

    Before entering anything as an activity, we typically see the "Post Update" button. When posting just a text update, we enter the text in the field and then hit the "Post Update" button - simple.

    I'm guessing that the "Post Update" button disappears once you begin the process of posting something using the Activity Plus plug-in because the reveals (whether it's photo, video or link) intentionally remove that canned "Post Update" button. However, this makes for an inconsistent experience.

    Posting a photo is done by clicking the photo icon, then the "Upload a File" button. Once the image is inserted, then you see an "Add Photos" button - that says, to me, "Click this to add more pictures to post" when, in fact, it's the button used to submit your upload.

    Basically, the same with video and links.

    I would recommend replacing the "Add photos," Add video" and "Add link" buttons with a "Post Update" button that looks identical to the default one. This would be much more clear and consistent.

  • DavidM
    • DEV MAN’s Mascot

    Hi AgencyPJA,

    Thanks for that clarification! I've used the plugin in the past and it actually did seem intuitive to me at the time. I think I just got confused given the scenario here, but yes, the add button does serve as the Post Update button once the item is uploaded.

    I think the plural "Photos" in my testing is what threw me off though, as I'd only uploaded a single item, so I figured it was asking to add more.

    Hope ya don't mind my moving this to the feedback forum at this point. I'll mention this to a few others over here and we'll take a look at better wording on this.


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