Activity Plus in Pop Up Form

I have moved my what's new post form to a pop up window. I was wondering if there was a function that I can add to my template that will add the activity plus functions to my new form?

  • Arun Basil Lal
    • New Recruit

    Hey Keith,

    I have been in touch with our developer and he tells me that the BuddyPress activity plus form should have been there already if things were right. There is no function as such, but the plugin js recognizes the markup and adds the stuff.

    Can you provide us with the template you modified so that he can take a look and fix this for you?

    Looking forward to what info you can provide :slight_smile:

  • Keith Kelly
    • Flash Drive

    I made some progress. I have my post form setup as a modal that is typically hidden until the link to launch the modal is clicked.

    I took a look at the javascript and changed line 443 from:

    if ($("#whats-new-form").is(":visible")) init();


    if ($("#whats-new-form").is(":hidden")) init();

    Now the activity plus options are now showing correctly in the form when the user is on the activity or a groups page.

    My next hurdle is getting the activity plus options to show no matter what page a user is on. Currently I believe the code is restricted to show only on activity and groups page because this is typically where the post form is located in BuddyPress. Is there anything I can change in the code in order to get the buttons to show in my post form no matter what page the user is on?

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