Activity Plus: Interesting Possibility to Integrate with BuddyBoss Media?

We have a BuddyPress community and we've managed to pull together the right mix of theme and plugins to create an experience very close to - ug, must I say it? - Facebook.

It took us months to land on the right image plugin to allow members to create photo albums on their BuddyPress profiles as well as post photos to the activity feeds. We were reluctantly nearly settled on RTMedia Pro (overkill!), but just in time for our launch, BuddyBoss Media came out. It's a great plugin that I highly recommend. It's lean and efficient, and they have many excellent features in the pipeline.

That still leaves us without a good "Facebook-ish" solution for posting links in a way that places a nice thumbnail and excerpt - and of course Activity Plus does that beautifully.

But there is uncomfortable redundancy with the two plugins' photo upload feature. I have a screen shot posted.

Here's the crazy thing I want to accomplish that would be amazing:

1. Can the BuddyBoss Media "Add Photo" icon's function be applied to the Activity Plus image upload button?

2. Then, can we hide the BuddyBoss Media "Add Photo" icon to eliminate the redundancy and avoid confusing users?

3. I'm very open to other creative ways to make the two plugins appear more integrated and eliminate the image upload feature of Activity Plus.

We are experimenting on our staging site: I have opened Support Access and you cannot "hurt" the site as I can easily restore it.

Fingers crossed...