Activity Plus not showing on front page

Hello: I just upgraded from Activity Plus 1.2 to 1.4 on BP 1.2.10 running on WPMS 3.2.1. (Before I go any further: *PLEASE* do not suggest I upgrade BP; in the situation I'm in, I cannot. If that's your solution to my problem don't waste your time responding.)

All is fine and good, except for one small detail: I am using my main BP Activity page as the front page of my site - and the media buttons show up everywhere *except* on the front-page URL. Interestingly, they *do* show up at - the alternate address for the same page. (This also holds true for my mobile interface, using BuddyPress Mobile 1.5.1.)

Is this a bug? Does anyone know how I could fix this? My thanks in advance as always --