Activity Plus not working properly with Social theme


I recently downloaded the Activity Plus plugin and I've installed it on the "Social" theme.

When an image is pasted, it doesn't resize the image to fit to the display size. So what is happening is only the left half of the image is showing. The same also applies for video embeds.

When I try to embed a link, the thumbnails are hit and miss. sometimes it doesn't even show the thumbnail, sometime it makes the colours invers. It's strange.

My browser is Chrome, the BuddyPress version is 1.5 and WordPress version is 3.3.

Also, is it supposed to do the embedding automatically, or is it only supposed to work if it is pasted in the box? because right now it is not working by pasting (AJAX) but only if the link is put in the "Image" or Video or Link box.

Any help on how to fix this is greatly appreciated.