Activity Plus Upgrade Error... ("Plugin file does not exist")


I just tried to upgrade Activity Plus to its newest version, and got the following error:

"The plugin buddypress-activity-plus/bpfb_the_edge.php has been deactivated due to an error: Plugin file does not exist."
I run it network-activated on a WP Multisite install with latest versions of:
Social Theme (customized)

Here is the URL for my test site of this:

Also: I now just network-activated it again, despite this error message, and... tried to embed a YouTube video with it: seems to work fine.
Still..., doesn't feel 100% kosher to do this on my product site, since it DID show the above error message.

Any pointers?

Don't wanna upgrade this on my PRODUCTION site, if this could cause a glitch for my members.